Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sticky Situation Blog

      The theme for our project was a "sticky situation". We had to have rhythm, repetition, and our media was paints. I chose acrylic paint, and I repeated the barbs on the barb wire fence. I added rhythm by adding a surface to the pond and by giving texture to the grass. This is a sticky situation because the sign on the fence says "No Fishing", but the pond is clearly stocked with fish. In my opinion this was as bad of a situation as I could think of. My original plan had nothing to do with a fishing pond, as it was just repeating lots of old wooden fish hooks. I later on realized I wouldn't have time to do this, and so I changed. I am pleased with the result, even with the rushed timing on my part. Media wise, I am definitely pleased with the paints. In my opinion, acrylic paint will always be brighter and stronger than watercolors, which is why I chose it. Overall, I am happy with how this piece turned out.

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