Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. I believe that this project was my most successful by far. This project was the one I felt the most connected too, and it felt personal. The theme was questionable, and the Confederate flag is extremely questionable in today's society. I created this project to try and prove that the confederate flag isn't racist. The main piece is cardboard, over which I pasted newspaper clippings, internet articles, song lyrics, and quotes (all in support of the Confederate flag). I then painted the flag over the cardboard, using watercolors so that the articles and quotes still show through. I'm not a fan of watercolors, but in this situation I believe they worked out quite nicely. I then made a barbed wire border for my piece by wrapping thick wire on the outer edge of the cardboard and making "barbs" out of it. I believe the overall result accomplished what I had hoped for, and I am very pleased with the result. 

2. In my opinion, this was one of my least successful projects.The theme of this project was up close and personal, which I felt I represented quite nicely. What I did not believe I did correctly was the realism factor. The snake is very brightly colored, and almost looks cartoonish. The sky is a brilliant color, but it is very much too bright to be realistic. The grass is the one part of this drawing that I believe is realistic. The medium for this project was colored pencils, chalk pastels, or oil pastels. If I could go back and change one thing about this, I would make the colors less bright, and a little more natural. While I enjoy the bright colors and contrast between them, they are not realistic and not exactly what I was going for.

3. In both of these works, I feel as though I have improved as an artist. In the lightning drawing, I feel like I used contrast in ways that I have been unable too before. I also used layering in both of these, but mostly in the second drawing of the snake. You can see in the first drawing, there are a few patches of dark and light that stand out. They add contrast to the drawing, but they don't blend smoothly. In the second drawing, I fixed this and I believe the transitions are much cleaner between the different colors and the darks and lights. Both of these drawing are based on things that fascinate me. I have always enjoyed playing with lightning, electricity, and brightness in my drawings. While the subject matter of the second drawing doesn't involve lightning or electricity, it does use very bright colors to highlight and advance the snake. Both of these drawings were based on things I am interested in, and I believe that is what really matters when creating art. 

4. These are two of the various mini lessons we did throughout the year. The first one was to draw, using colored pencils, a lollipop from whatever angle we chose. I unfolded the wrapper and faced it towards me, and then I used colored pencils to draw the wrapper, stick, and shadows. This project helped me greatly later on when working on the snake drawing, as it gave me better attention to detail and good use of contrast and shadowing. The second work is a pepper, painted in watercolor. This is definitely not one of my greatest works, but it did give me some help when later on working with my mixed media Confederate flag. I was never extremely talented with watercolors, as this pepper proves, but through much practice and detailed instruction I managed to put them to good use in my final mixed media project. The various layers needed for watercolors is what threw me off, because I love thick, bright colors that are easy to see. In this pepper, I actually used too much watercolor, but fortunately I didn't in the making of my pro-Confederate flag piece.

5. Throughout the year, we used quite a few mediums to create our works. I had a hard time choosing a favorite, but I ended up deciding on acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is very bright, thick, and can be used to create outstanding colors. There is very little layering, compared to watercolors, and it works very well for creating little details. My sticky situation piece was done in acrylic paints, and I am pleased with the outcome. By using acrylics, I was able to create minute details while still enjoying the process of painting. The various and often exciting colors that are possible because of acrylic paints is another reason that I find them my favorite medium. Overall, I enjoyed many of the mediums, but I have to conclude that my favorite would be acrylic paint.

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