Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up-Close and Personal

        This is my Up-close and personal project. My two ideas that I chose were snake/Scales, and a frog, as seen in my thumbnails. Our medium choices were oil pastels, colored pencils, or chalk pastels. I used chalk pastel pencils that I had and I believe it turned out great.One of the problems I continually faced was excess chalk getting EVERYWHERE. On others papers, on backpacks, and on any white space on the paper. As you can see, the addition of a background reduced the brightness of the snake and in turn made it more natural.I enjoyed using the chalk pastels, as I have never used them before. It was a new experience that brought complications, but overall was enjoyed.I wasn't sure adding the background was a smart idea, considering I usually would not, but I decided to take a risk and try it. I am definitely pleased with the results, and will hopefully be using this technique again.

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