Sunday, June 2, 2013

                 This is my finished ceramic bowl. You can see the radial design emitting from the center of the dish, of which was required. The bowl is 1 foot long, by 8 inches wide and is 2 inches deep. Symmetry was a large part of my design, meaning each side is identical. We wedged the clay, removing air, and we then flattened it to the size we needed. After it was flattened, we either slumped or humped it over a mold. Mine was slumped over the mold, so that the edges would end up flattened, like shown. I am currently using my bowl to hold fruits, which was it's original purpose. When  I began, I decided that I wanted a pointy or spiky design, so the outer edge is multiple triangles. I learned that when using clay, you need to wedge it or it could explode. I also learned that if you are going to work on clay over multiple days, you need to keep it covered and soft. If I were to redo this project, I would probably use other colors. 

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